First Assembly 22 January 2013

Members of IOPS (London chapter), Anti-capitalist InitiativePeoples Assemblies Network, Occupy London activists and The Friern Barnet Library occupation are calling for an assembly to discuss social movement strategy in 2013. The assembly shall take place from 7 – 9pm at SOAS on 22 January 2013. We hope you will join us!

London trades billions in currency everyday, and while the amount of these ‘receipts for elites’ have only increased during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, it is the most vulnerable who are made to pay for it.

2012 saw environmental degradation continue at an alarming pace, global inequality increase, the university tuition fee hike come into force, deepening austerity measures, threats to destroy basic labour protections, the rise of fascism and racism in Europe and continued high unemployment – felt, in the UK, most acutely by young people, and particularly youth from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Government officials, politicians, and capitalists consistently prioritize profits, growth and accumulation of wealth and power over the legitimate needs of people, and the creation of a sustainable economy.

1) How can we – as a diverse movement – act together on crucial issues like austerity and environmental destruction, whilst accommodating healthy difference?
2) How can we support each other in practical ways consistent with a positive vision of the world we want?
3) What are your hopes and aspirations for 2013 and what actions do you think would be effective locally, on the continent and globally?
4) What next?

To begin to answer these questions and related questions we shall be holding an assembly on Tuesday 22 January 2013 from 7pm to 9pm at the SOAS Campus in Vernon Square (Room 121, First floor).

Please consider risponding to the questions above in the comments or

If you are responding on-line (and we hope you do!), please keep your piece as accessible as possible and avoid unnecessary jargon or obscure references. We hope that the discussion on 22 January will benefit from comments made on-line and lead to a deeper consideration of the questions and possible answers.

We hope everyone will participate in the open discussion at the assembly, regardless of whether you have made a comment in response to the above blog.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 22 January at 7pm.

Here is the Facebook event page , please invite your friends to come too!